We select the best varieties of apples on the basis of their taste, aroma and texture. The apples we process all have a crunchy flesh, a sweet-tartan flavor and effervescent finish.


Apples are one of nature’s best superfoods and full of good-for-you nutrients. Apples have quercetin (found in the skin of the apple), a powerful antioxidant that protects brain cells and blocks free radicals. They help reduce the risk of diabetes thanks to the fruit’s low glycemic index, contain boron ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and B vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.

The apple tree originated in Central Asia, more precisely in Kazakistan. It came to Europe along the Silk Road at the time of the Roman Empire.

Italy is one of the top 6 countries in the production of apples after China, USA, Poland, Turkey, India.

The most popular cultivar are the the Golden delicious, Gala, Ambrosia, Red Delicious Fuji, and club varieties such as Pink Lady, Kanzi and Jazz.

Gli alberi di melo non producono frutta se non dopo 4 o 5 anni d’età.

Anche se la nostra scelta cada sempre sulle solite varietà, ne esistono al mondo più di 7 mila. Non tutte le varietà sono però commestibili: se ne possono gustare solo 250!

Quando la mela non è più fresca la buccia si affloscia: questo è dovuto al fatto che la mela è costituita, per il 25%, d’aria.


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