Energy Box


The perfect natural source of energy for your daily boost!

For those of you that are always running, whether for sport or necessity, OPI has selected 4 flavors that give a much needed energy boost.
Ingredients rich in flavonoids, potassium and phosphorus to give you all the energy you need, and don’t forget: they are also delicious!


Pear: potassium

Apple: flavonoids

Peach- banana: flavonoids – potassium

Pineappple: potassium

Italian pear

Italian apple

Peach – banana: Italy & Peru

Pineapple: Peru & Costa Rica

Potassium and flavonoids are essential elements to sustain the body in anticipation of physical exercise.

These flavors are perfect to give energy without weighing you down!

You can find the nutritional tables of each taste in the corresponding product section


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