Peach & Banana


Peaches and bananas are sweet and healthy fruits. Thanks to the very high levels of Vitamin C and Potassium this mix has antioxidant, purifying and energizing properties. The cryoessiccation enhances the sweetness and gives the fruit surprising crunchiness.


Peach is a fruit with remineralizing and restorative properties being rich in vitamins and minerals. Bananas are rich in antioxidants that fight free radicals and are an excellent source of natural energy.

The perfect mix to recharge naturally!

The banana originates in South-East Asia, and is currently cultivated all over the world, and is nowadays one of the most consumed fruits in the world.

Peaches are native to China, from there they were to Persia, and finally to Europe. It is from this last movement that the name of the fruit comes form, with the meaning of “from Persia”.

Thanks to the concentration of tryptophan, also called “good mood hormone” – that we find in bananas and folic acid, present in both bananas and peaches this mix helps serotonin to reach the brain faster.

A little bag of good mood!

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