Pears are a helthy source of energy and fibreWhen ripe, the pulp is juicy and tender.
They’re excellent raw, but are also used to make fruit juices, fruit salads and jams.


Pears are a fantastic source of dietary fibre, meaning that they are great for your gut! Not only can they help to improve your digestion, but they are also rich in vitamins B6, C and K. All these vitamins have well-documented health benefits and are essential for the healthy functioning of every part of your body. Pears are also a great aid to weight loss due to being low in calories and high in fibre and water content.

Our pears are grown and processed in the province of Modena, Emilia Romagna, the largest producer of pears in Europe.
In 1998 these top quality pears were granted PGI (Protected Geographical Identification9 status by the European Union, a recognition that protects their unique qualities and typical characteristics.
The fruits marked with this PGI mark are only the ones grown with integrated production, respecting both environment and consumers’ health. In addition, they are harvested only when they have reached a good level of ripening. To consumers’ advantage, too, this mark guarantees that these fruits are marketed only when they have reached the correct sugar content.
Depending on the variety, the harvesting of Emilia-Romagna pears generally begins in mid-August and lasts until the end of September.

Pears are one of the oldest cultivated fruits in the world. The growing of pears in China can be traced back as far as 5,000 BC. Homer, the Greek Poet and author of The Odyssey, referred to pears as “a gift of the gods”. The early Romans loved pears too, cultivating over 50 different types. Now, around 3,000 different types of pears are grown all over the world.
Native to Asia and Europe, the first pear tree in North America was planted around 1630 in the Massachusetts Bay Colony by English settlers. In many cultures and some ancient religions, the pear tree is sacred, and its name is thought to have originally come from pera or pira, meaning “fruit”.


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