Sour Cherry


Sour cherries are appreciated for their typical slightly sour and refreshing taste and have exceptional anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory and depurative properties.
Our sour cherries, grown and hand-picked at the farm “Del Rio” are a product of excellence from Modena area. Born thanks to the cooperation between Bologna University and Cornwell University (NY ISA), this variety produces bigger, pulpier fruits with a relatively low degree of sourness.


Sour cherries are rich in phenolic substances well known for their anti-oxidative, anti-
inflammatory properties and have the power of regulating vascular permeability. They
stimulate digestion and have a depurative effect on blood and liver as they reduce
cholesterol and triglyceride levels. They are a good source of Vitamin A and C and are an
ally in slimming diets. For their moderate sweetness due to levulose, they are tolerated by
diabetic and obese people.

The “Amareno” (Sour cherry tree) Prunus cerasus is a variety of Prunus avium (Sweet
cherry tree). The plant, native to Asia, has been present in the Mediterranean region for
nearly 3000 years. The term cerasa comes from the ancient city of Cerasonte in Turkey.
From there, according to Plinius, the Roman general Licinio Lucullo brought this beautiful
tree to Rome.

This plant resists to cold temperatures and drought. It often grows spontaneously in the
woods up to 300 ft altitude. Sour cherries are however less common than cherries as,
once picked up from the tree, they deteriorate rapidly. They are picked up when mature
starting from May, depending on the variety.


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